The Waterman Movie

The New Goes Live!

The new Waterman Studios website has gone live, and it’s looking better than ever. The awesome talent at Favor Collective managed to create a very sleek looking, yet informative layout that will have you checking out every page. There is also a section completely dedicated to The Waterman Movie. There, you will be able to find all information regarding the film and its progress.

Check it out if you haven’t already!

You can also check out the team behind the design!

Farewell to a Legend

Today, we’ve lost one of the greatest comedic actors of our time. Leslie Nielsen has brought many many years of laughter to all of us here at CJC Entertainment CJC Animation, and having the chance to work on one of his latest projects has been an indescribable honor. Although he’s no longer physically here with us, he will forever be in our memories and live on through his incredible films and accomplishments.

Rest in peace, Leslie Nielsen. Thank you for all of the laughs, and for the laughs to come! You will be dearly missed, but never ever forgotten.

The Waterman Movie – Two Minute Preview

For the last three weeks, CJC Entertainment CJC Animation and Waterman Studios have been hammering away at the first two minutes of The Waterman Movie starring comedic legend Leslie Nielsen.  It is with great pleasure to finally be able to show you this clip!

These two minutes were created in an effort to help raise the funds needed for production of the entire film. If you are interested in contributing and helping to bring this dream to reality, head on over to for more information.

CJC Teams Up with Waterman Studios

CJC Entertainment Waterman Studios

We have some incredible news to share today!

We have officially joined forces with Waterman Studios to help produce ‘The Waterman Movie’ starring the legendary Leslie Nielsen! This is a dream scenario for us on many levels. We have been fans of the ‘Waterman’ series back when it was fresh on On top of that, we have been huge fans of Leslie Nielsen since we were kids, so you can probably imagine how excited we are about this! We’re literally going from simple fans waiting for The Waterman Movie to be completed, to actually helping to make it happen!

Would you also like to help make it happen? Sure you would! Why not, right? Well good, because you totally can!

The Waterman Movie has been approved for a campaign and is in need of pledges.  So if you would like to help push the movie forward and make it a reality, visit the kickstarter page for “The Waterman Movie” Starring Leslie Nielsen, pledge if you can or just help spread the word!

On Kickstarter, you will see a list of cool rewards for the different pledge amounts offered. For one single dollar, you can have your name placed in the credits of the movie under the “ Backers” section. Or you can be super duper generous and find yourself screening the movie with the cast of the film before it’s released to the public!

Simply visit “The Waterman Movie” Starring Leslie Nielsen for more information.

Oh, and did I mention that comedic legend Leslie Nielsen stars in the film?

Please help support this long-awaited movie! Let’s make it happen!