“Caveman” Animated Ad (Sneak Peek)

For the past 8 months, we’ve been working on an animated ad for a new mobile app. The app itself is still in development and we still have a tiny bit of work left to do on the ad, so the full animation isn’t ready for public release; however, we’d like to share a sneak peek!

We’re very proud of our work on this project and can’t wait to share the full ad!

Eyebominations Animated Intro

Eyebominations is a new series from EyeofSol that seeks to find the absolute worst animation productions and attempts to dissect them in a hilarious fashion.

We had the opportunity to team up once again with What a Bee! Studios to produce the intro for this new series. This was a deeply collaborative project that you’ll be able to learn more about in our MAKING OF segment.

You can check out the intro animation here:

Blue Shirt Club

Never sweat a blue shirt again with Blue Shirt Club – the world’s most absorbent underarm shield! We were brought on board – in collaboration with What a Bee! Studios – to produce an animated ad for Blue Shirt Club. To say the least, it was an interesting project to work on.

This marks the first time that we were asked to produce the art and animation in an anime style. When we first started studying animation (over 15 years ago), anime was the very first style that we sought to replicate. In fact, anime is what inspired us to pursue animation and attempt to hone our skills. But that was over 15 years ago.

Diving back into the world of anime took some studying and review of what we had learned and practiced back then. We’re pretty happy with the end results of this ad, but due to the incredibly short turnaround time that we had for this project, we couldn’t push it as far as we wanted to. Still, we’re happy with what we’ve managed to do within the time frame.

You’ll be able to learn more about what went into the development when we release our MAKING OF for this project. In the meantime, you can check out the full ad below:


To learn more about Blue Shirt Club, please visit

Guy Chace Visual Voice Reel

We’ve spent the past few months collaborating with talented voice actor Guy Chace to bring his incredible character voice reel to life using art and animation. This has been a very cool project to work on, and Guy has been absolutely awesome to work with.

The biggest challenge for this project was coming up with the different scenarios to go along with the pre-recorded audio. However, thanks to Guy’s ability to paint a picture with his voice alone, it didn’t take us long to envision each scene. You’ll be able to read more about the development process in our MAKING OF post.

You can check out Guy’s Visual Voice Reel right here:

Guy offers his vocal talents for your own projects, so feel free to contact him if you’re ever looking for voice talent!

We actually have more in the works with Guy, and can’t wait to show you what we’re up to next!

EyeofSol Season 5 Premiere

The popular and hilarious animation review series known as EyeofSol has reached its 5th season! For the new season, Sol decided to update her production to include brand new custom animation sequences. We’ve recently had the honor of working with Sol to update the What a Bee! Studios logo design, produce the logo intro, and produce the first segment of EyeofSol’s new opening sequence.

You can check out our work on the logo intro here (featuring our very first cat animation!):


And here’s the portion of the opening sequence that we produced:


You should also check out the season 5 Premiere episode of EyeofSol here:

For more awesome videos from EyeofSol, check out:

This was a very cool little project to work on and we look forward to teaming up with Sol again in the future!