2016 Animation Demo Reel

Check out our latest demo reel, featuring some never-before-seen footage from The Waterman Movie!

Five Minutes of The Waterman Movie

Today, in celebration of what would be Leslie Nielsen’s 88th birthday, Waterman Studios has decided that it was time to share with the world the never-before-seen first five minutes of The Waterman Movie. This is something that we’ve devoted years into bringing to life with the very best of our abilities while running into countless hurdles along the way.

Happy birthday to the amazing Leslie Nielsen, and we will be forever grateful for the experience and opportunity to push ourselves further than we imagined possible. We will always keep our hopes up that someday the brilliance of this entire film will see the light of day!

Without further ado, here are the first five minutes of The Waterman Movie:

Political Earth

Political Earth

Political Earth is a short film ‘mockumentary’ created by Scooter Downey for a contest being held on Infowars. We were brought on board to help visually bring this concept to life.

The overall style of Political Earth has been something completely new to us. Nearly all of the visuals that you see in the film are of real photos. The animation style is similar to that of a Monty Python intro, or South Park. To say the least, it has been a very interesting project to work on.

Viddy On Android!

After much anticipation, a very awesome app that was originally exclusive to iOS, has finally arrived on Android! The Viddy team put together a very cool announcement video that featured various ‘viddys’ created by users in celebration of its arrival. It also includes a 15 second animation that we created to help promote Viddy’s arrival to Android.

You can check it out right here:

UPDATE: Unfortunately Viddy is no longer available to download as the company had to shut their doors. It was an amazing app while it lasted!

The Spunion

We were asked to create a small animated logo intro for the guys at The Spunion, for the premiere of their ‘First of Tha Month’ series, which consists of monthly underground mixtape releases.

Here’s the video of the animation that we produced:


And here’s the full video with the sample from the first release: