Star Wars Stick Figure Battle

If you’ve been to our YouTube page lately, then you might have already seen the short stick figure animation that’s currently our featured video. A few years ago, we had this awesome idea for an epic Star Wars themed stick figure battle. We didn’t manage to get too far with the idea (due to other projects taking priority over this), so we decided to release what we had created so far. It’s only a few seconds, but it’s an extremely AWESOME few seconds! Check it out!

ReDigi Introduction Video

Back in December 2010, we started working on a new animation project (in collaboration with Waterman Studios) for ReDigi – The world’s first recycled digital music marketplace.

The style and nature of this project was very new to us. It required a lot of experimenting and new techniques in order to pull off the desired look. Overall it was a very interesting project to work on, and as always we picked up some new techniques along the way.

Check out a clip from the ReDigi Introduction video below:

SkateHub iPhone App Commercial

We’ve recently finished producing (in collaboration with Waterman Studios) our very first commercial bound project! It’s set to air on ESPN, Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010! The commercial is for an iPhone App known as SkateHub (your source for everything skateboarding). Check it out!

The Waterman Movie – Two Minute Preview

For the last three weeks, CJC Entertainment CJC Animation and Waterman Studios have been hammering away at the first two minutes of The Waterman Movie starring comedic legend Leslie Nielsen.  It is with great pleasure to finally be able to show you this clip!

These two minutes were created in an effort to help raise the funds needed for production of the entire film. If you are interested in contributing and helping to bring this dream to reality, head on over to for more information.

New Animated Short Online


Last Halloween we mentioned an animated short that was in production. Unfortunately we were unable to finish it last year, but we made it a top priority to have it finished within the next year.

We are proud to present to you our animated short film, Twelve A.M.