Twelve A.M.

Twelve A.M. Featured on Newgrounds

Twelve A.M. Featured on Newgrounds 11-1-13

We hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! To get into the spookalicious spirit, we’ve posted our award-winning Twelve A.M. onto, and today (the 4th birthday of Twelve A.M.), we have learned that it’s currently being featured on the home page!

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Twelve A.M. Making Appearance at Film Festival

We’ve submitted our Twelve A.M. short film into the 2011 Rumschpringe Short Film Festival, and it is with great excitement that we announce that Twelve A.M. has been accepted and officially selected to be part of the film festival! With this honor and privilege comes our very own IMDB title page for the project.

The 2011 Rumschpringe Short Film Festival will take place in Lancaster, PA starting on Friday, September 30, 2011 at 7:00 pm. Visit for more information.

MAKING OF: Twelve A.M.

The idea of Twelve A.M. originally came to us in the early part of October 2008. We wanted to do a holiday-themed project, and since Halloween was right around the corner, we decided to focus our attentions there and come up with something spooky.

The idea didn’t work out too well, as we were unfortunately unable to give it the proper attention and demand that it needed. Halloween quickly came and went, and we had made little to no progress within that time, so we decided to scrap the project. Little did we know that his project would ‘haunt’ us for the next year, constantly regaining our attention until we decided to finish what we started.



Twelve A.M. Wins!


Our latest animation project entitled Twelve A.M. was announced as the winner of the ToonTube’s “Animation of the Month” contest today, making it two months in a row that we’ve managed to earn the award!

A million thanks again to the ToonTube community and everyone who voted for us!

Twelve A.M. Nominated

Twelve A.M.

Our latest animated short has been nominated for the ‘Animation of the Month’ award over at ToonTube! It’s up to the ToonTube community to cast votes for which project should win, so we have our fingers crossed!

Voting ends on December 16th, and the winner will be announced on December 17th.