Twelve A.M.

New Animated Short Online


Last Halloween we mentioned an animated short that was in production. Unfortunately we were unable to finish it last year, but we made it a top priority to have it finished within the next year.

We are proud to present to you our animated short film, Twelve A.M.

Happy Halloween!

With that spooktacular time of the year looming around again, we’ve decided to join in on the spooktaculiciousness and create a spooky animated short. Unfortunately we were unable to have it finished for this year’s Halloween, but we will continue production and hopefully it will be completed within the next year. But for now, here are some screen shots from the upcoming (currently untitled) short:

These are very early concept images. The short film should run about 2 – 4 minutes. As always, we are attempting to broaden our horizon by aiming for something that’s visually different than our usual style. We’re very excited to see where this project ultimately takes us and what new abilities we’re able to gain from working on it!