The Waterman Movie

Five Minutes of The Waterman Movie

Today, in celebration of what would be Leslie Nielsen’s 88th birthday, Waterman Studios has decided that it was time to share with the world the never-before-seen first five minutes of The Waterman Movie. This is something that we’ve devoted years into bringing to life with the very best of our abilities while running into countless hurdles along the way.

Happy birthday to the amazing Leslie Nielsen, and we will be forever grateful for the experience and opportunity to push ourselves further than we imagined possible. We will always keep our hopes up that someday the brilliance of this entire film will see the light of day!

Without further ado, here are the first five minutes of The Waterman Movie:

Waterman Studios @ ConnectiCon

Waterman Studios will be making their very first convention appearance this year at ConnectiCon! You’ll be able to check out all sorts of awesome stuff at the Waterman Studios booth, including some brand new footage from The Waterman Movie that we are VERY excited to show off! So if you’re in the New England area July 13-15, then you should definitely consider attending this event!

Conjurer of comedic ridiculousness, and creator of the Waterman series Bryan Waterman will also be joining a panel discussion with the likes of other creative masterminds, such as the comedic geniuses behind College Humor, Baman Piderman, and many more!

For more information, visit

A ”Stand Up For The Waterman Movie” Review

Couldn’t make it to the nearly sold out “Stand Up For The Waterman Movie” event in Studio City, California? Well check out Bryan Waterman’s blog post about his personal experience there, as well as the massive impact that his trip to LA has had on not only him, but the project itself.

You can read all about it at:

Stand Up For The Waterman Movie

Back in June, Waterman Studios held an online event via where they made two big announcements. The first one being that The Waterman Movie is officially in production (which we posted about later that week). The second announcement was that there was going to be a stand up comedy event held in Studio City, California to benefit the production of Leslie Nielsen’s final film. Tickets for this event have finally gone on sale!

The Waterman Movie in Production

Earlier this week, Waterman Studios hosted a live online event on, and they had some pretty big news to share about The Waterman Movie. A blog post detailing the announcements will be appearing on in the weeks to come, but one of the big announcements was that The Waterman Movie is officially in production! We have been covertly working with Waterman Studios on the movie for a couple of months now, and during the event, Bryan Waterman and Chris Barnhill showcased some of that work, as well as answered a lot of questions. It was very exciting!

Look forward to seeing the full HD versions of the redesigned cast of characters from the Waterman series and much more in the coming weeks!