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Shut Up, Cup! – Sticker Pack Available for iOS

The incredibly talented Jake Downs has recently released his first ever sticker pack in the App Store! Available for use in iMessage, these stickers are ridiculously fun to look at and are a great way to add a splash of coffee to your conversations!

The sticker pack is available right now in the App Store for $0.99


If you ever work on projects that require you to produce storyboards and animatics, then look no further than Wonder Unit’s Storyboarder.

Storyboarder is an open-source software that allows you to create storyboards and animatics quickly and efficiently. If you need to get more detailed, then there’s an integrated Photoshop button that takes you right into Photoshop (along with any art that you’ve already created in Storyboarder). After saving your Photoshop work, it’s instantly updated in Storyboarder!

Storyboarder is simple and straightforward, not trying to do more than what’s needed of it (something that we truly love and appreciate). You’re provided with five drawing tools and an eraser. You have your storyboard panels aligned at the bottom, and to the right you have an area to input duration, dialogue, action, and additional notes for your scenes.

There’s also this very cool feature that allows you to auto-generate shots based on how you describe them. For example, by typing ‘medium shot’, you’re presented with pre-drawn art that caters to your description. This can be incredibly helpful when quickly putting together a storyboard for reference. The software also occasionally gives story tips and inspirational quotes to help keep you motivated!

We’ve been searching for a great storyboarding software like this for many many years. For storyboarding in particular, there hasn’t been much of anything available outside of studios that develop their own in-house software, so we’ve personally been elated about Storyboarder. We give our sincerest gratitude to the masterminds behind this awesome software, and to everyone who has been helping to bring it to life! 

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, then simply visit and download the software today!

Sonic Mania Released Today

Sonic the Hedgehog has been one of our favorite games ever since the very beginning of our Sega Genesis days, so when we first heard about Sonic Mania, we were extremely excited for a Sonic game for the first time in a very long time. 

Sonic Mania is a throwback to the original games (long before Sonic and friends went through the bajillion transformations) and it dwindles the main cast back down to simply Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. We feel that this game is going to do incredibly well since it’s going back to its roots and recapturing the magic that made the games so popular to begin with.

The news of the game even came with some incredibly well animated promotional pieces, such as this beautiful Pre-Order Trailer:

This trailer is actually what first blew our minds about the game in general and got us super excited. But then on top of that, they had also released the equally beautiful launch trailer:

Which was more of a reminder to be stoked about this game. The beautiful animation in the launch trailer is also from the game’s actual opening, which was also released to keep us drooling:

We are sold. We’ve been sold a long time ago, but we are like super duper sold. We absolutely love the inspiration behind this game, as well as the creative direction taken (using amazing animation from the incredibly talented Tyson Heese and the absolutely perfect music from Hyper Potions).

We’ve been extremely excited about this for a long time, and we’re happy to say that the game has officially been released TODAY! Available now on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with the PC version being delayed, but coming around the end of the month.

Kingdom Hearts III 2018 release date, reveals ‘Toy Story’ World

Today at Disney’s annual D23 Expo, it was announced that the long-awaited and highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III will be released sometime in 2018. On top of that, it was revealed that Toy Story will be one of the new worlds to visit! This has been a dream scenario for not only fans like ourselves, but director of Kingdom Hearts himself, Tai Yasue.

The reveal came in the form of this new trailer:

This is huge, as it marks the first time that Pixar (rather than Disney) is collaborating with Square Enix in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

We are very impressed with how well the Toy Story world and the characters look in-game. It literally looks like you’re playing some AAA Toy Story game on PS4. But that’s one of the qualities about Kingdom Hearts that made us fans in the first place. Disney and Square Enix go above and beyond to capture the essence of the original films to a point where each world feels authentic and not like some attempted imitation. This harkens back to the very first Kingdom Hearts, which we were able to play the day it was released and have been hooked ever since.

We are extremely excited about this and can’t wait to get our hands on Kingdom Hearts III next year!

FLUR: Blades of the Universe Audio Manga

FLUR: Blades of the Universe

Earlier this month, KJC Comix (who we are huge fans of) have released issue 1 of their incredible audio manga known as FLUR: Blades of the Universe!

The story follows Lida Garuzo, a soon-to-be high school graduate, who involuntarily gets involved within a secret war of worlds. Through her actions and her decisions made over the course of her adventure, the results could ultimately mean the end of all existence.

You can check out the streaming sampler of FLUR: Blades of the Universe below:

And learn more about it on the official FLUR: Blades of the Universe website.

FLUR: Blades of the Universe is also now available on many different platforms, including Google Play, iTunes, Amazon MP3, and XBOX Music – with even more to come!

Our hats off to the amazing work by KJC Comix and all of the incredible talent involved!