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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Antwon Spinach Logo Design

In 2008 we had the privilege of collaborating with the incredibly talented Stix in an effort to help breathe life into an ambitious idea. Antwon Spinach was a cartoon bursting with creativity, humor, and positive messages.

When we signed on to help bring the idea to life, we had many objectives to accomplish. This included designing the Antwon Spinach logo. While this wasn’t exactly a top priority, we still gave it the proper time and treatment that any logo design deserves. We pulled inspiration from sources that also inspired the animation and art style for the show.

Shows like Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, and Powerpuff Girls played a big role in helping to bring the Antwon Spinach logo to fruition. We also looked to various comic books for inspiration. Our initial goal with the logo was to make it feel like a logo that could be seen on a classic Saturday morning cartoon. We wanted it to have a ‘superhero’ feel and be fun at the same time. Ultimately we were very happy with the outcome of the design, and the logo itself started to inspire aspects of the production.

You can learn more about the development of Antwon Spinach in our MAKING OF post, or simply visit the Antwon Spinach project page.


Back in 2013, we had the honor of working with the sensational Dee Spencer (a.k.a DeeWorks) to design a logo for her radio show WDWL.FM Live! This was a very simple and straightforward project, as DeeWorks allowed us to explore our creative ideas while helping to keep us calibrated to what she’s looking for. It was truly a pleasure working with her!

Mojo Coffee Company


Got Mojo? Well, the Mojo Coffee Company sure does, and boy is it delicious (seriously, it’s really good). 

Last year, we had the honor of helping Mojo Coffee Co refresh their brand with a fancy new logo. This was our first time designing for a coffee shop, so not only was it new and exciting to work on, but it allowed us an opportunity to explore a fascinating industry. We were given great direction, and at the same time we were allowed to implement our own ideas in a meaningful way. It was a very collaborative effort that resulted in a logo that we’re all proud of!

Check out these awesome photos from the cafe!


If you’re ever in Winslow, Arizona, then you should definitely visit this lovely coffeehouse!

Located at: 1700 N Park Dr Winslow, Arizona, AZ 86047

Visit for more information.

Sooo… What have we been up to?

We thought that it would be neat to show off some of the awesome projects that we’re currently working on. We can’t show too much (as it’s all still work-in-progress), but you should still be able to get a pretty good idea of how things are looking. So without further ado, lets take a quick look inside the studio and see what’s cooking!


New Website



Our new website has been in the works for a while now. It’s basically a more structured/simpler version that eliminates Flash and uses PHP, CSS, and HTML in its place. This should make for a much more efficient experience. At the moment, we’ve finished the layout and we’re just about to get into designing the final header graphics. We still have quite a ways to go before this new version of our website is ready to go live.


Nova Loops Packaging



For the last year or so, we’ve been designing a series of product boxes for Nova Loops. This has been a constant flow of work, and will most likely continue to be for a good while. These are digital packages, meaning they aren’t physically created, but we still design them with that capability in mind. The product boxes basically represent the certain types of downloadable content that is offered by Nova Loops.


Love Kids Worldwide



For the last year, we have been designing and creating artwork, animation, websites, physical books, and much more for Sunshine Kids Worldwide Love Kids Worldwide. Since most of the work is still in production (and being set up for distribution), we can’t say too much more about it at the moment.


Slou Foot & Doucha



For the past two months, we’ve been working with one of the writers/creators of the hilarious bound-for-television show, “Slou Foot & Doucha”. We were asked to create the intro for the pilot episode, which consists of live footage and some animation. This project in particular has been quite the challenge for us because we have never really worked with so much live footage before. With that said, there have been a lot of trial and error, but we’re getting the hang of it. Currently we’re waiting for some updated footage from the colorist so that we can finalize our creation. Also, we were recently asked to create the ending credits (since they loved the intro so much. Yay!), so we’re just getting started on that. The deadline for the overall project is closing in fast, and hopefully we’ll get what we need soon so that we can proceed with our part.


Logos, Logos, and More Logos


We are currently designing a few logos too! Some are simple, some are complicated. Of course we can’t really show them until they have been finalized and protected from the infringement ninjas, but they will be in our portfolio eventually.


T-Shirt Designs



We’ve also been designing t-shirts! There will be a series of designs created for a couple of new clothing lines that are sure to take the world by storm!


Go-Go Ninja



Go-Go Ninja is a highly potential animated series that is being produced in-house. Originally announced back in 2008, we are taking our time with its development. We love trying new things with every single project that we work on, and this has not changed with Go-Go Ninja. The visual style that we’re hoping to achieve is brand new to us and we’re still in the process of research and studying new techniques. So, as we expand our minds to the furthest reaches, we hope to properly bring Go-Go into the world with a bang!


2nd Avenue



2nd Avenue is by far the biggest project that we have to work on. It takes a lot more time and effort to develop, and we usually find ourselves with little to no time to give it that proper attention. But alas, we’re hoping to change that. 2nd Avenue Episode 3 has been in it’s planning phase for a good while now, and the wheels are starting to turn on preproduction. There is no telling when or if this episode will ever see the light of day, but we will do our best to bring it to life.

That’s about it! As you can see, we’ve been keeping quite busy but it has been a blast utilizing our creativity so much! We hope to continue this trend in the many years to come!

Macy Gray’s Custom Dollar Bill


We’ve recently had an exciting opportunity to work with famous singer/song writer Macy Gray! It wasn’t a very big project, but that didn’t stop us from going above and beyond as usual. We were brought in to design a custom dollar bill that would be used as a prop during her performances in Europe. Basically at some point during her performance, it would begin to rain these custom dollar bills throughout the venue. The project itself was pretty simple and straight forward. Macy knew exactly what she wanted, which of course made things even easier for us. Overall, it was an amazing little project to work on, and a true honor to work with Macy Gray!