Mojo Coffee Company


Got Mojo? Well, the Mojo Coffee Company sure does, and boy is it delicious (seriously, it’s really good). 

Last year, we had the honor of helping Mojo Coffee Co refresh their brand with a fancy new logo. This was our first time designing for a coffee shop, so not only was it new and exciting to work on, but it allowed us an opportunity to explore a fascinating industry. We were given great direction, and at the same time we were allowed to implement our own ideas in a meaningful way. It was a very collaborative effort that resulted in a logo that we’re all proud of!

Check out these awesome photos from the cafe!


If you’re ever in Winslow, Arizona, then you should definitely visit this lovely coffeehouse!

Located at: 1700 N Park Dr Winslow, Arizona, AZ 86047

Visit for more information.