MAKING OF: 2nd Avenue Episode 2 (Part 1)

We first announced the production of episode 2 back in November of 2007. At that time, the script was completed and we were well on our way into the preproduction phase. But once we started working on the ‘My Neighborhood’ pilot, the 2A episode was quickly put on the back burner. After we finished the My Neighborhood project, we started working on the MyToons bumpers, which ultimately took another two months of our time. 2nd Avenue had been on the back burner for about four months at that point, but we were finally able to focus on it again. This ‘MAKING OF’ post will give you a look behind the curtains as we continue to create our latest episode.

This episode (titled ‘A Summer’s Day’) is visually going to be a massive improvement over the previous episodes. All of the original characters are being redesigned and returning. We’re also introducing a few new characters, such as City City’s greatest meteorologist Jimmy Dinkins, Mendel’s partner Officer Jones, and the world famous anchorman Frank Doogle.

Once we were finally able continue production of the episode, the very first thing that we did was create a rough version of the episode using scratch audio and rough shots.

The episode roughly came out to be about 30 minutes, which is far longer than any episode we have ever developed prior. Episode 1 was 15 minutes long, and our Pilot episode was only 11 minutes, so this is definitely going to be the longest episode yet.

As always, we’re attempting to try some new things, including brand new camera angles and some special effects.

We’ve learned quite a few new tricks while working on My Neighborhood and the My Toons Bumpers, and we are very excited to implement them into this latest 2nd Avenue episode.