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MAKING OF: 2nd Avenue Episode 2 (Part 2)

With the countless last-minute revisions made to episode 2, a lot has changed since our PART 1 article of making 2nd Avenue Episode 2. This new write-up is to update you on the journey that has been taken to create what is now known as, “Pwned!”



Digital Storyboard in the Making

Below is a video that we put together showing the creation of the digital storyboard for “Everything Animated”. It took about an hour to roughly draw all of the scenes. Despite having to edit and remove a few shots, the digital storyboard was nearly spot on to the final animation.

MAKING OF: 2nd Avenue Episode 2 (Part 1)

We first announced the production of episode 2 back in November of 2007. At that time, the script was completed and we were well on our way into the preproduction phase. But once we started working on the ‘My Neighborhood’ pilot, the 2A episode was quickly put on the back burner. After we finished the My Neighborhood project, we started working on the MyToons bumpers, which ultimately took another two months of our time. 2nd Avenue had been on the back burner for about four months at that point, but we were finally able to focus on it again. This ‘MAKING OF’ post will give you a look behind the curtains as we continue to create our latest episode.


MAKING OF: Everything Animated

We don’t usually participate in contests, but when we first heard about the MyToons Bumper Blastoff Competition, we decided to at least check it out. At first, we had no idea what a ‘commercial bumper’ even was, but after reading about it on the MyToons website, we figured that we could actually pull that off. Producing 30 seconds of animation definitely beats producing 30 minutes.


MAKING OF: MyToons Community

When we first started talking about creating another bumper for the MyToons contest, it was literally a crazy thought because we only had two days to do it. But the more we talked about it, the more we wanted to go for it. Even if we didn’t finish it in time for the contest, we were going to finish and submit it anyway. We had an awesome idea in mind with a great message in it, and we just wanted to share that.