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Working with What a Bee! Studios

We’ve recently partnered with What a Bee! Studios to help in developing numerous upcoming projects. What a Bee! Studios has been a pleasure to collaborate with in the past, and we’re very excited to team up on a regular basis. We had the honor of designing their newest logo, as well as producing a portion of the new intro for EyeOfSol’s 5th season, and we’re currently working on our first official project together.

We’re very excited to continue working alongside the incredible artists and creative minds at What a Bee! Studios, and can’t wait to share what we create with them!


Back in 2013, we had the honor of working with the sensational Dee Spencer (a.k.a DeeWorks) to design a logo for her radio show WDWL.FM Live! This was a very simple and straightforward project, as DeeWorks allowed us to explore our creative ideas while helping to keep us calibrated to what she’s looking for. It was truly a pleasure working with her!

Guy Chace Visual Voice Reel

We’ve spent the past few months collaborating with talented voice actor Guy Chace to bring his incredible character voice reel to life using art and animation. This has been a very cool project to work on, and Guy has been absolutely awesome to work with.

The biggest challenge for this project was coming up with the different scenarios to go along with the pre-recorded audio. However, thanks to Guy’s ability to paint a picture with his voice alone, it didn’t take us long to envision each scene. You’ll be able to read more about the development process in our MAKING OF post.

You can check out Guy’s Visual Voice Reel right here:

Guy offers his vocal talents for your own projects, so feel free to contact him if you’re ever looking for voice talent!

We actually have more in the works with Guy, and can’t wait to show you what we’re up to next!

EyeofSol Season 5 Premiere

The popular and hilarious animation review series known as EyeofSol has reached its 5th season! For the new season, Sol decided to update her production to include brand new custom animation sequences. We’ve recently had the honor of working with Sol to update the What a Bee! Studios logo design, produce the logo intro, and produce the first segment of EyeofSol’s new opening sequence.

You can check out our work on the logo intro here (featuring our very first cat animation!):


And here’s the portion of the opening sequence that we produced:


You should also check out the season 5 Premiere episode of EyeofSol here:

For more awesome videos from EyeofSol, check out: https://www.youtube.com/user/TerraCorrupt83

This was a very cool little project to work on and we look forward to teaming up with Sol again in the future!

Mojo Coffee Company


Got Mojo? Well, the Mojo Coffee Company sure does, and boy is it delicious (seriously, it’s really good). 

Last year, we had the honor of helping Mojo Coffee Co refresh their brand with a fancy new logo. This was our first time designing for a coffee shop, so not only was it new and exciting to work on, but it allowed us an opportunity to explore a fascinating industry. We were given great direction, and at the same time we were allowed to implement our own ideas in a meaningful way. It was a very collaborative effort that resulted in a logo that we’re all proud of!

Check out these awesome photos from the cafe!


If you’re ever in Winslow, Arizona, then you should definitely visit this lovely coffeehouse!

Located at: 1700 N Park Dr Winslow, Arizona, AZ 86047

Visit https://www.facebook.com/MojoCafeCoffeehouse for more information.