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2nd Avenue

Follow Josh, Ken, and Terry as they deal with the struggles of everyday life. Loosely based on the lives of CJC.


Visit this category for all things animation. From showcases, to tips and tricks; this is the place to be if you’re interested in animation!

CJC News

All news related to CJC Animation and projects that we were personally involved with.

Everything Animated

Follow the journey of Everything Animated from the very beginning. This project was one of our very first contest submissions, and it earned us much praise (and even some awards).

General News

General news and updates that are not directly connected to CJC Animation.

Graphic Design

View this category for all things related to our work in graphic design.

Making Of

Go behind the scenes and learn more about our process to bring art to life.

Political Earth

A satirical mockumentary animation exploring the behavior of our world’s “political animals.” This project allowed us to try a completely different style of art and animation. Learn all about Political Earth in this category.


Sharing resources for other creatives that range from graphic design, to animation production.

The Waterman Movie

The Waterman Movie is a full length animated feature based on the award winning online animated series Waterman. Read all about our journey and attempts to bring this highly ambitious project to life.

Twelve A.M.

Our very first attempt at a horror-themed animated short film, which has garnered us praise and a few awards. Read all about the journey to bring this project to life in this category.