CJC Demo Reel Online

We have finally finished putting together our very first demo reel! It’s about 2 minutes long and it showcases our work in animation and website design/development.

Check it out:

Awesome Kayla Kanane Jeep

We were asked to design the official logo for the Kayla Kanane brand, which was a project that, in itself, wasn’t exactly anything new. However, seeing an amazing jeep with our logo design all over it is pretty new to us! Check out this incredible Kayla Kanane’s jeep with our logo design placed on it!

2nd Avenue Art Comparison

For the latest episode of 2nd Avenue, we have been overhauling the artwork and fine-tuning the character designs. Here are some new art comparison pictures between the previous episodes, and the latest one that’s currently in production. Below you will find comparisons of Josh, Darrel, and a new background comparison.