Twelve A.M. Wins!


Our latest animation project entitled Twelve A.M. was announced as the winner of the ToonTube’s “Animation of the Month” contest today, making it two months in a row that we’ve managed to earn the award!

A million thanks again to the ToonTube community and everyone who voted for us!

Twelve A.M. Nominated

Twelve A.M.

Our latest animated short has been nominated for the ‘Animation of the Month’ award over at ToonTube! It’s up to the ToonTube community to cast votes for which project should win, so we have our fingers crossed!

Voting ends on December 16th, and the winner will be announced on December 17th.

New Animated Short Online


Last Halloween we mentioned an animated short that was in production. Unfortunately we were unable to finish it last year, but we made it a top priority to have it finished within the next year.

We are proud to present to you our animated short film, Twelve A.M.

‘Everything Animated’ Wins?!


We’ve created an account in a very interesting animation community known as ToonTube, and we submitted a few of our projects to get started. Little did we know that we would eventually stumble across a post on the ToonTube website featuring our ‘Everything Animated’ project, as well as congratulating us for winning ‘Animation of the Month’. This monthly contest is based on community votes, so we are completely flattered to receive so much love as newcomers!

Not only is this as awesome honor, but it’s a bit ironic, too. ‘Everything Animated’ was originally created for a completely different contest in a completely different animation community. While our project did not win in the original contest that it was intended for, it still ended up winning in a completely different way!

A million thanks to ToonTube and everyone who voted!

Macy Gray’s Custom Dollar Bill


We’ve recently had an exciting opportunity to work with famous singer/song writer Macy Gray! It wasn’t a very big project, but that didn’t stop us from going above and beyond as usual. We were brought in to design a custom dollar bill that would be used as a prop during her performances in Europe. Basically at some point during her performance, it would begin to rain these custom dollar bills throughout the venue. The project itself was pretty simple and straight forward. Macy knew exactly what she wanted, which of course made things even easier for us. Overall, it was an amazing little project to work on, and a true honor to work with Macy Gray!