Twelve A.M. Making Appearance at Film Festival

We’ve submitted our Twelve A.M. short film into the 2011 Rumschpringe Short Film Festival, and it is with great excitement that we announce that Twelve A.M. has been accepted and officially selected to be part of the film festival! With this honor and privilege comes our very own IMDB title page for the project.

The 2011 Rumschpringe Short Film Festival will take place in Lancaster, PA starting on Friday, September 30, 2011 at 7:00 pm. Visit for more information.

A ”Stand Up For The Waterman Movie” Review

Couldn’t make it to the nearly sold out “Stand Up For The Waterman Movie” event in Studio City, California? Well check out Bryan Waterman’s blog post about his personal experience there, as well as the massive impact that his trip to LA has had on not only him, but the project itself.

You can read all about it at:

Stand Up For The Waterman Movie

Back in June, Waterman Studios held an online event via where they made two big announcements. The first one being that The Waterman Movie is officially in production (which we posted about later that week). The second announcement was that there was going to be a stand up comedy event held in Studio City, California to benefit the production of Leslie Nielsen’s final film. Tickets for this event have finally gone on sale!

The Waterman Movie in Production

Earlier this week, Waterman Studios hosted a live online event on, and they had some pretty big news to share about The Waterman Movie. A blog post detailing the announcements will be appearing on in the weeks to come, but one of the big announcements was that The Waterman Movie is officially in production! We have been covertly working with Waterman Studios on the movie for a couple of months now, and during the event, Bryan Waterman and Chris Barnhill showcased some of that work, as well as answered a lot of questions. It was very exciting!

Look forward to seeing the full HD versions of the redesigned cast of characters from the Waterman series and much more in the coming weeks!


Allison Frost’s Winning Shoe Available on

A couple of years ago, our good friend Allison Frost participated in the Punk Your Chuck/’My Chucks’ design contest hosted by Eastbay, Converse, and Kyle Korver. The winning design would be sold exclusively on Allison – with her bottomless well of talent – totally won this contest and her shoe is finally available for purchase!

If you’d like to read the official Eastbay blog post about the shoe’s availability, then you can view it here:

Allison created two amazing pairs of custom 2nd Avenue Chucks for us last year, as well as recently designing an epic 2A Boom-themed hat!

Big congratulations to Allison Frost and her continued success.