EyeofSol Season 5 Premiere

The popular and hilarious animation review series known as EyeofSol has reached its 5th season! For the new season, Sol decided to update her production to include brand new custom animation sequences. We’ve recently had the honor of working with Sol to update the What a Bee! Studios logo design, produce the logo intro, and produce the first segment of EyeofSol’s new opening sequence.

You can check out our work on the logo intro here (featuring our very first cat animation!):


And here’s the portion of the opening sequence that we produced:


You should also check out the season 5 Premiere episode of EyeofSol here:

For more awesome videos from EyeofSol, check out: https://www.youtube.com/user/TerraCorrupt83

This was a very cool little project to work on and we look forward to teaming up with Sol again in the future!