If you ever work on projects that require you to produce storyboards and animatics, then look no further than Wonder Unit’s Storyboarder.

Storyboarder is an open-source software that allows you to create storyboards and animatics quickly and efficiently. If you need to get more detailed, then there’s an integrated Photoshop button that takes you right into Photoshop (along with any art that you’ve already created in Storyboarder). After saving your Photoshop work, it’s instantly updated in Storyboarder!

Storyboarder is simple and straightforward, not trying to do more than what’s needed of it (something that we truly love and appreciate). You’re provided with five drawing tools and an eraser. You have your storyboard panels aligned at the bottom, and to the right you have an area to input duration, dialogue, action, and additional notes for your scenes.

There’s also this very cool feature that allows you to auto-generate shots based on how you describe them. For example, by typing ‘medium shot’, you’re presented with pre-drawn art that caters to your description. This can be incredibly helpful when quickly putting together a storyboard for reference. The software also occasionally gives story tips and inspirational quotes to help keep you motivated!

We’ve been searching for a great storyboarding software like this for many many years. For storyboarding in particular, there hasn’t been much of anything available outside of studios that develop their own in-house software, so we’ve personally been elated about Storyboarder. We give our sincerest gratitude to the masterminds behind this awesome software, and to everyone who has been helping to bring it to life! 

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, then simply visit and download the software today!