Viddy On Android!

After much anticipation, a very awesome app that was originally exclusive to iOS, has finally arrived on Android! The Viddy team put together a very cool announcement video that featured various ‘viddys’ created by users in celebration of its arrival. It also includes a 15 second animation that we created to help promote Viddy’s arrival to Android.

You can check it out right here:

UPDATE: Unfortunately Viddy is no longer available to download as the company had to shut their doors. It was an amazing app while it lasted!

MAKING OF: SkateHub Commercial

The SkateHub commercial was a very fun and interesting project to work on, but at the same time, it was incredibly challenging. With a very short turnaround time and no idea how we were going to pull off half of the ideas in mind, we had to work fast and smart.



The Spunion

We were asked to create a small animated logo intro for the guys at The Spunion, for the premiere of their ‘First of Tha Month’ series, which consists of monthly underground mixtape releases.

Here’s the video of the animation that we produced:


And here’s the full video with the sample from the first release:


Star Wars Stick Figure Battle

If you’ve been to our YouTube page lately, then you might have already seen the short stick figure animation that’s currently our featured video. A few years ago, we had this awesome idea for an epic Star Wars themed stick figure battle. We didn’t manage to get too far with the idea (due to other projects taking priority over this), so we decided to release what we had created so far. It’s only a few seconds, but it’s an extremely AWESOME few seconds! Check it out!

Waterman Studios @ ConnectiCon

Waterman Studios will be making their very first convention appearance this year at ConnectiCon! You’ll be able to check out all sorts of awesome stuff at the Waterman Studios booth, including some brand new footage from The Waterman Movie that we are VERY excited to show off! So if you’re in the New England area July 13-15, then you should definitely consider attending this event!

Conjurer of comedic ridiculousness, and creator of the Waterman series Bryan Waterman will also be joining a panel discussion with the likes of other creative masterminds, such as the comedic geniuses behind College Humor, Baman Piderman, and many more!

For more information, visit